Oil on canvas

The Stags

Villalba is a seeker and lover of work well done, he finishes one phase without being afraid to enter another, and in all these phases we find him again.

The painting

In his paintings he takes a look at: man, God, life or death without causing a wince, as his work, although dramatic, possesses an original combination of humour. Villalba is a natural instigator, an artist of our time who shows us his personal, up-to-date discourse without forgetting the lessons of old masters.

The Stags Oil on Canvas 140 x 200 cm 2007


Animal art is an important way for the general public to stop and appreciate animal life in a way that they may not do in their everyday lives. It draws attention to the importance of animal rights and draws interest to the other living creatures that share or have shared our world in both reality and myth, demonstrating that animals are every bit as worthy of being subjects of fine art.