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1975 Born in Alicante, Spain. 1994 Schule für angewandte Kunst, Alicante (Alicante School of Applied Arts and Crafts), Spain. 1995 Faculty of Fine Arts of Granada, Spain. 1996 Faculty of Fine Arts of Valencia, Spain. 1998 Erasmus-Stipendiat, Bauhaus Universität Weimar, Germany.

Ritter und Mädel Oil on Canvas 60 x 60 cm 2019


Villalba is a searcher and lover of work well done, he ends one phase without apprehension to enter another, and in all those phases we find him once more.

The work of this Spanish artist is made up of different stages, all them characterized by an intense desire for ideal composition, by means of exquisite technique. An indisputable value of his art is its unusual character; we cannot type-cast it in any artistic school nor in any ephimerous fashion. However, we unavoidably discover the creator in an avant-garde context.

Realistische Malerei

In his paintings he takes a look at: man, God, life or death without causing a wince, as his work, although dramatic, possesses an original combination of humour. Villalba is a natural instigator, an artist of our time who shows us his personal, up-to-date discourse without forgetting the lessons of old masters.

Ritter und Mädel Oil on Canvas 60 x 60 cm 2019

Unterwegs in Tambach-Dietharz | MDR

Awards and Scholarships


Großer Preis der Jury“, item- Förderpreis.


Graduierten-Stipendium“, Land Thüringen.


Erasmus- Stipendium Bauhaus Universität Weimar.

His imaginative paintings reflect a relationship with his memories that emanate a feeling of how we would like to merge our present, so common and ordinary yet so powerfully human.
Ramón A.Olivares . Founder The Guide Artists